Margaret Behrens files for city council

Margaret Behrens

The following was written by the candidate and submitted to the Review.

I've lived in Maplewood for over 49 years. I have seen our city change. Our city faces challenges as we grow and adapt to the changing times and the unsure economy.

Some changes have come to reality in our city. The closing of our fire stations. I want to reopen them and make police precincts in each one of our fire stations. This will improve response times and increase emergency coverage throughout all of our city.

The gross mismanagement of our taxpayer dollars. I have experience working with budgets and fiscal issues. To curb unnecessary spending and outsourcing the work of our city staff. No more unreasonable taxes.  The gross and excessive assessments that are being pushed on us through unwanted and in some cases unneeded road reconstruction projects.

I'm against throwing away of jobs and businesses through the elimination of independent trash haulers. The council created a monopoly that has created more issues in our city and have put some citizens into hardship positions because of this unfunded government-mandated trash program.

I want to ensure that all of our parks and preserves are kept in our city. We voted years ago to protect our parkland and open space to preserve them. I am continuing that work to ensure that they are not sold to developers.
. Elected to the Ramsey Conservation District in 2008.
. 2012 re-elected to serve a second term on the Ramsey Conservation District.
. Serving my fifth year on the Ramsey County League of Local Governments Board.
. I served on the official Maplewood Environmental & Natural Resources Commission.
. Appointed to the Maplewood Parks System Task Force by the Maplewood City Council.
. 10 years Block Watch co-captain for neighborhood crime watch.
. I serve on the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Committee.
. Serving on the Legislative Committee for my 5th year.
. Serving my 5th year to Vadnais Lake Area Water Management Organization-(VLAWMO).
. Re-elected to chair the office of Education & Outreach for the RCD.
. Appointed by the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners to the Ramsey County Children's Services Citizens Review Panel for Human Services. I co-chair of this panel.
. Serving on the Citizens Advisory Council for Ramsey County.
. Re-appointed Ramsey County Board of Commissioners to the Citizens Advisory Council.
. Appointed White Bear Lake Level Resolution Committee and to the sub-committee for conservation & for public comment and promotions.
. Appointed to the White Bear Lake Level Resolution Committee sub-committee I will use more of my regional and a variety of other experience, while continuing to work on issues of the environment at the City Council.

I'm excited to use my years of experience as a community representative to our Maplewood businesses. I look forward to making Maplewood a great place to have a business and to create sustainable quality jobs.

True public service is working for all of the citizens, as I have done throughout my years of public service.

I believe that I am very qualified to represent you and your family on the city council. I offer you a very clear choice for great representation on the city council. I pledge to you that I will work to the very best of my abilities. I will work to get us the most bangs for our buck. I will be the representative that will exceed your expectations.

I look forward to representing you!

Margaret Behrens

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