Children’s clothes: making them last

After a muddy round of tackle football with the neighbors’ kids in the yard, a child comes in the house and changes their clothes for dinner — the worn clothes are thrown on the bedroom floor.

Sound familiar? A few loose threads here, a hole to patch there; children’s clothing doesn’t seem to last. But, don’t fret; there are ways to avoid the woes of worn-out children’s clothes, according to Roger Mrugala of Once Upon A Child.

“Many people do not realize that there are easy ways to extend the life of their children’s clothing, like hanging clothes properly, buying dual-purpose clothing, or making minor repairs themselves,” Mrugala said. “Even buying children’s clothes a size or two bigger for longer wear will be of benefit in the long run.”

The following tips are other ways local parents and other residents can keep up the quality of children’s clothing, Mrugala said.

• Treat satins ASAP — Leaving stains on clothing for a long period of time allows for particles to permeate deep into the material, leading to a possible permanent stain. It is better to get rid of stains as soon as you see them
• Go with quality brands — Clothing brands that are known for their quality, are also known for easy maintenance, Mrugala said. Cheaper brands will wear and tear much quicker than those made with strong fibers and materials.
• “Fix” before the “fray” — If you see a tear, a loose thread, or a missing button, it is best to fix it before it gets worse. Many times, a tear left unfixed leads to the clothing being beyond repair.
• Read the labels — Make sure you follow directions when washing and drying clothing. Many times, a change in the water temperature of the washing machine, or using the dry cleaners will keep the clothes lasting longer. Not only will this keep the clothing from falling apart it will avoid it from shrinking or fading.
• Share the value — Your children will eventually grow out of their clothing, and if the quality of the clothes is still in good shape, donate to a local shelter or take them to a local shop that buys and sells gently used children’s clothing and merchandise.

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