WSP invites residents to weigh in with November survey

There are plenty of things to love about life in West St. Paul, and perhaps a few things that aren’t so lovable.

That’s an easy assessment to make, but determining which aspects fit into which category is a much more challenging task, according to city officials -- and one that will require help from residents.

The city council approved a proposal in its Oct. 28 meeting to hire the Morris Leatherman Company, a Minneapolis-based marketing and research firm, to conduct a community telephone survey of West St. Paul during the month of November.

The 400-person survey will seek opinions on city programs and services, general perceptions of quality of life and significant issues facing the city going forward. The call list will be randomized and is intended to cover a broad spectrum of residents; bilingual support will be available for non-English speaking subjects.

Prior to the vote, Council member Dave Napier encouraged residents to cooperate if called to make sure the survey collects as many perspectives as possible.

“I think it’s a great thing to do for our city,” Napier said. “I would hope that members of our community would help and jump on board, because it’s only successful if they answer the phone and respond and provide as much feedback as possible.”

The final cost of the Morris Leatherman services is not yet determined, but the council approved the proposal with a budget not to exceed $22,000. Results from the survey will be presented publicly at the council’s Dec. 16 meeting. The data is intended to assist the city council in long-range strategic planning sessions in early January.

-- Luke Reiter

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