Swimming with sharks

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Johnson High School principal Micheal Thompson swam with sharks as part of a fundraising effort on Thursday, Nov. 14, Give to the Max Day.

Thompson, along with other principals and faculty, swam in the Sea Life Minnesota aquarium at the Mall of America as Johnson High students watched.

Thompson was able to raise $2,474 for the school, which was matched with a $2,000 grant from a private donor.

The funds will go to support the school’s winter carnival, as well as a special needs program.

In a Q & A with St. Paul Public Schools, Thompson said the dive was scary at first, but he made it scoff-free. More concerning than the sharks, he said, were small spiky fish that he was to avoid due to their venemous spikes.

His favorite part, he said, was when he was cheered on by Johnson students.

When asked if he did it again, he said he would, but it would be preferable to have some Johnson students and staff in the tank with him.

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