Election 2015 - Infrastructure and sustainability on minds of St. Anthony candidates

Bonnie Brever
Bonnie Brever
Jerry Faust
Jerry Faust
Hal Gray
Hal Gray

Council makeup unchanged as three incumbents run for three seats

Three spots will be on the ballot in this year’s St. Anthony election, and three candidates are running.

Mayor Jerry Faust is up for reelection and is running unopposed.

Bonnie Brever, appointed in February of this year to replace council member Jim Roth, is running unopposed, as is council member Hal Gray.

The Bulletin asked candidates about what skills and experience they would bring to elected office, what challenges they think their cities face in upcoming years and what issues or projects they would prioritize if elected.



Jerry Faust

Faust, 69, was first elected mayor back in 2004. He is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and Anoka County Manager. He is married to Diane.

Faust has served on the St. Anthony City Council for the past 18 years, with eleven of those as mayor. He is currently serving as the Commissioner of the Mississippi Water Management Organization, a position he has held since 2004.

He also served on the St. Anthony Planning Commission for six years, and was on the League of Minnesota Board of Directors for three years.

"I still have the passion, enthusiasm and fervor to serve the City of St Anthony," Faust says.

In his next term as mayor, Faust says he will continue to work on the infrastructure of the city including water, sewer and roads.

He says he will continue to emphasize the sustainability in all of St. Anthony's city functions — the environment, infrastructure and social realms.

"We are a model city that practices stability, civility and progress through our transparency and I am committed to that," Faust says. "And I will continue to play an integral role in that long-term attribute."


City Council

Bonnie Brever

Brever, who did not provide her age, retired from St. Anthony-New Brighton Independent School District 282 in June 2015. While there, she held administrative support positions in each of the schools over 23 years. She is married to Tom.

She received a bachelor's degree from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

Brever was chairperson and director of the St. Anthony-New Brighton Family Services Collaborative for nine years.

Since her election, Brever says she has learned a lot about the workings of local city government.

Brever says it is exciting to see new residents moving into the community while working with existing residents to "carry forward the uniqueness of St. Anthony Village."

With this, Brever said the city must continue to maintain its infrastructure and services while still looking for ways to continually grow.

"We need to continue to inspire our residents to not only maintain the strengths of St. Anthony Village but also to incorporate and facilitate growth in the talents and gifts of the residents in our community," Brever says.

Brever does not have one issue she says she will prioritize but rather says all issues addressed by the council require its attention.

Hal Gray

Gray, 58, is a senior manager at FedEx Express. He earned a bachelor's degree in sociology from the University of Minnesota.

A council member for 10 years who has also served on the St. Anthony Planning Commission and the Northern Suburban Communications Commission, Gray says he has over 31 years of business management experience.

One of the challenges facing St. Anthony is how to continue providing excellent services and work on maintaining and improving infrastructure in what, Gray says, may be difficult economic times.

"One of the keys to helping keep our costs in line will be to find additional ways to collaborate with our neighboring communities and other government agencies," he says.

Gray says he will continue to keep public safety as a top priority because he believes in keeping the police and fire departments well trained, effective and current with emerging technology.

He says he also believes in making necessary improvements to infrastructure to help make sure streets are safe for all, especially children and people with disabilities.

Election day is Nov. 3. Most polls will be open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Find your polling place at www.pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us or by calling 651-266-2171.

Hannah Burlingame can be reached at 651-748-7824 or staffwriter@lillienews.com.


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