LETTER: The best candidates for Mendota Heights

To the Editor:


I served on the Mendota Heights City Council for 12 years with both Liz Petschel (council member) and John Mazzitello (as city engineer). Liz and John are the best-qualified candidates for council this year.

Council member Liz Petschel has done more to address airport noise in Mendota Heights than anyone else in city history. She drafted a nationally recognized document that protects the city from FAA actions that would adversely affect residents during noisy aircraft departures. She also lobbied for and got a change in aircraft arrival procedures that drastically cut carbon emissions over the cities at the ends of the runways at MSP.

John Mazzitello, a licensed civil engineer, served as our city engineer for eight years and on our Planning Commission for two years. He also served in the Air National Guard with five military deployments and retired recently as a colonel. John will bring sound fiscal and planning experience to the council.

I also served with council member Ultan Duggan for those 12 years. Ultan has missed over 20 city meetings in the past two years, giving higher priority to his Arizona “snowbird” sojourns than city business. He should not be seeking another term.


Jack Vitelli

Mendota Heights

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