LETTER: A candidate that will show up

To the Editor:


One candidate for West St. Paul’s Ward 3 City Council seat, Dave Meisinger, has used his Facebook page to attack people in the community, including using a vulgar reference to one woman in particular. I feel he’s been intimidating and brash. He has not shown up for either public forum that the Women of West St. Paul group organized. 

I feel he’s avoided those and all the other opportunities for citizens to be able to meet him. I suspect he’s afraid that he would be confronted about his long history of offensive online behavior and in interactions with people who don’t agree with him. The city council chambers were packed for both forums, the public events have been well attended. People want to know who the candidates are. 

I want a council member who can at a minimum show up to meet their constituents and who can interact consistently with respect. Luckily the other Ward 3 candidate, Wendy Berry, has done this. She is well informed and has creative thoughts about how to work for the city. The bonus is she’s funny and personable, exactly the opposite of Dave.


Mary McCauley

West St. Paul

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