LETTER: Let’s get health care correct

To the Editor:


I am voting for Jeff Johnson because he understands my health care needs may be different than yours. Jeff is not going to take away health care for preconditions, such as the ads on TV want you to believe. He is going to open the market to have more choices in Minnesota, whether you have preconditions or not. 

Minnesota has always taken care of preconditions by having the Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association available before the Affordable Care Act was put in place, so we are not a state that leaves those folks behind. 

Jeff wants to talk with the governors from nearby states and open those markets to the people in Minnesota. That is a wonderful idea, as Minnesota only has one choice for health care in some areas of the state, and maybe two in a large part of the state. If you live in the metro area, you probably do not notice what others in this state have to go through, but maybe it is time to care about all areas of the state. Check out Jeff Johnson for governor.  


Mary Lee

St. Paul

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