LETTER: Re-elect Hark to IGH council

To the Editor:


I would like to voice my opinion on why I am voting for Paul Hark for re-election to the Inver Grove Heights City Council. Paul has spent the last four years working hard for IGH residents. He has introduced and persuaded others on the council of the merits of new ideas. He is a man after people’s hearts who has a listening ear to the concerns and issues of IGH residents. He is also a passionate leader who can make change happen and pursue the goals and vision he has for the residents of IGH. He is not a politician by nature but one among few leaders who is interested in the welfare of the city and its residents.

Some of the awesome things that he achieved in his first tenure are as follow: Next time you fill your car up with gas in Inver Grove Heights, look for the yellow skim stop sticker on the pump. This skim stop adds another layer of protection to all of our credit card transactions at the pump.

Paul has also introduced the safe swap idea outside of the police department. The safe swap location allows for a safer, public location to complete online transactions (think Craigslist). 

These are just two examples of ideas that make IGH just a little better of a place to live. These are just two of the many reasons why I am voting for Paul Hark for his second term on the Inver Grove Heights City Council.


David Yalla

Inver Grove Heights

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