LETTER: Richardson has my vote

To the Editor:


On or before Tuesday, Nov. 6, residents have the opportunity to support our communities and our state in ways that help everyone thrive. We all want to be part of a future that looks positive and offers opportunities for healthy and successful lives. Ruth Richardson is the person who’ll help all of us be part of a positive future.  

Ruth is hard working, has provided unrelenting leadership in her personal and professional life and as our state representative for District 52B she’ll support public policies that offer innovative social and economic opportunities to everyone in the district; rich and poor, young and old. 

Ruth enjoys working with people across all political points of view because she knows long-term answers to the complex issues of our day depend upon everyone’s ideas being listened to and honestly considered.

Ruth knows that blindly following any one party line will not bring prosperity to our community or the state of Minnesota. That’s why she has my vote. She knows when and how to get to good solutions, through standing up for her proven values of decency, fairness and open government. She’ll not be making decisions behind closed doors and will hold herself and other elected officials accountable for making sure all voices are being listened to before they take action. 

Ruth Richardson knows everyone deserves and needs fair, honest, compassionate leaders that’ll support access to prosperity for all of us.  

I encourage everyone to vote for Ruth Richardson on or before Nov. 6.


Mary T’Kach

Inver Grove Heights

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