LETTER: What about ranked choice voting?

To the Editor:


I am wondering if/when there will be a bill introduced in the Legislature regarding the new 2020 presidential primary. My understanding is that the presidential primary will take place (replacing the caucus process) on the first Tuesday in March 2020, unless the major parties agree to a different date by March 1 of this year. Personally, I’m in favor of the March 3 date, which would include Minnesota in Super Tuesday. 

I am really wondering if there’s any possibility that the primary could utilize ranked choice voting, given how many candidates are likely to be included on the Democratic ballot. And if the current president leaves office, the same would likely hold true for the Republicans. 

I would also like to voice my strong support for the local-option ranked choice proposal that the Legislature will consider this year. The polarization of the two political parties is alienating too many voters and making it impossible to solve our most pressing problems.


Laura Morton

West St. Paul

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