LETTER: A benefit to the community

To the Editor:


The West St. Paul YMCA has offered the community generations of benefits and services, while a Hy-Vee offers a 30 minute grocery trip for a temporary period of time until it is replaced with “the next best grocery store.” Why do I choose the WSP YMCA to keep in shape? I could get a good workout to keep in shape at a number of facilities or even a home gym. Both staff and members offer opportunities to share life with in conversations, classes, events and community outreach. 7,000 members create an environment of diversity in culture and lifestyle. 

The fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, gym, child-care, classrooms and even the lobby, allow all of us to find one or more activities that provide the opportunity to socially and emotionally connect with each other. Many of us have participated from the very beginning in the 1970s with our children whom we enrolled in swim lesson, summer camps, YGuides and gym activities. 

Investing in the WSP YMCA at its present location, bringing it up to a state of the art high standard of quality in its indoor facility, as well as, the outdoor pool and surrounding acreage, will serve the community for generations to come and be a model of the best service a community can offer its members.

I frequently tell my grandchildren about “Grandma’s friends” at the Y, but I never tell them about the head of lettuce I bought at Hy-Vee.


Darlene Kluznik

Mendota Heights  

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