LETTER: Concerns about Dept. of Revenue’s power

To the Editor:


I am concerned about the Minnesota Department of Revenue (income tax, etc.) having too much power and using it inappropriately. If they make an unreasonable demand, you cannot just walk away.

MN Revenue takes a sledge hammer approach and it works for them. Most taxpayers pay an unreasonable demand rather than taking the time and paying the money to fight it. I took them to MN Tax Court and won but it cost me more than if I had just paid the unreasonable demand. The good news is that if the taxpayer takes the expensive step of going to tax court, they will find the court to be fair and impartial. 

If you feel you have been treated unfairly by the MN Department of Revenue, please write to:

MN House of Representatives Tax Committee

597 State Office Building

St. Paul MN 55155

In my case MN Revenue sent me a letter stating that I owed taxes for a particular year.  Memo to Revenue employee Mr. M: U.S. form 1099-B is not “bond income.” After proving my income, MN Revenue wouldn’t let go of it. Memo to Revenue employee Ms. B: Your calculation that $6,900 of MN income tax would result in 9.483 percent of Social Security being taxable would mean that $37,400 of another states income would result in $6,741 of taxable SS. The taxable component of Social Security is highly income sensitive and the MN tax court rejected your recalculation.


James Garlich


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