Personalized, not institutionalized: Platinum Bank’s cash management for local business

Marc Cove, market president and founder of Platinum Bank, behind Debbie Bramstedt, business banking concierge, and Jennifer Bryfczynski, vice president and cash management specialist.

The way businesses handle and manage their money has evolved throughout the years, and as technology develops and grows it will continue to change. Luckily, Platinum Bank has any and all local businesses covered with its reliable cash management team.


“In banking, cash management was a luxury, super sophisticated, and average companies ran without it. Now, companies can’t run without cash management,” says Marc Cove, market president and founder of Platinum Bank.

“With faster payments and efficiencies with businesses, fraud mitigation, and just how money moves, people need cash management,” explains Jennifer Bryfczynski, vice president and cash management specialist. “Payments are much more automated and need day-to-day management.”

With fraud ever present in the marketplace, Platinum Bank believes that for businesses to be protected they need sophisticated cash management, strong systems and savvy people behind them.

Platinum Bank is a local bank in all senses, keeping money within the Twin Cities and helping close to home — the bank prides itself on keeping close relationships with clients as well.

“With technology, your bank can be anywhere now,” Bryfczynski says. “Platinum brings the relationship side of things. We know our customers and know what they need.”

Platinum Bank cash management specialists will meet clients face-to-face for training, and then continue the conversation, always keeping them up to date to understand cash management as it changes.

“Our programs are personalized, not institutionalized,” Cove says, noting Platinum prioritizes making transitions from other banks a smooth process and ensuring customers receive the services they need.

Because they work so closely with clients, cash management team members at Platinum knows their clients by name, number and sometimes, even voice. This leads to a whole new level of security, with bankers calling out fraud just by familiarity alone. 

Platinum prides itself in being a hands-on bank with a responsive team. It’s known for responding within hours to any and all calls. 

“We’ll always get back within hours of a call or email,” Cove says. “We can’t even measure it in days, that would be absurd in our world.”

Faced with clients’ problems or issues, the team at Platinum Bank will always solve it themselves — they don’t believe in handing it off to a support tree. There’s always someone to respond who can find answers to get problems solved.

Platinum Bank offers the same protection as corporate banks, with the added security of local bankers who know their customers by name.

“We are privileged and honored to serve the small businesses in this community,” says Cove. 

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