‘Slime Time’

Nick Wosika/St. Rose of Lima Catholic School Principal Sean Slaikeu and Fr. Marc Paveglio were “slimed” March 21 by Saint Rose of Lima Catholic School students to celebrate successful student-led fundraising.

Slaikeu struck a pose for the crowd, feeling refreshed by the cold slime. Paveglio noted that he had to dig out his oldest clerical collar for the event.

Nick Wosika photos/St. Rose of Lima Catholic School Mike Sullwold, athletic director and “Master of Slime,” helped a younger student navigate the stepladder.

In the gym at Saint Rose of Lima Catholic School, students cheered as a lone preschooler toddled up a stepladder and unloaded a cup of slime onto Fr. Marc Paveglio’s head.  

Having sold the most raffle tickets in his grade, it was this student’s privilege to help kick off the “Slime is Now” celebration in front of peers, families and staff on March 21.

For three years, the Roseville school has participated in Catholic United Financial’s Catholic Schools Raffle. Catholic United provides the materials and prizes; all of the proceeds from ticket sales go toward funding for the school’s classrooms and fieldtrips, as well as supplementing tuition. 

After setting an ambitious goal of $13,000, Saint Rose families surpassed their target, raising $13,450 in just six weeks. Out of the 89 participating schools, it was one of only five that reached its goal. 

The idea to let students “slime” Paveglio and Principal Sean Slaikeu as a reward for hitting their target came as the result of a staff brainstorming session and helped motivate students to sell. 

On the big day, parents and grandparents filed in to fill the gym’s bleachers, while students took their place on the linoleum floor. Most wore green and held up signs reading “Slime Time!” or “The Slime Is Now.”

In the third row, a group of first graders waved excitedly as retired Saint Rose pastor Robert Fitzpatrick walked by to take his seat. He’d come to congratulate Paveglio, joking that he had missed getting slimed by only a year.

After everyone was seated, Paveglio and Slaikeu took their places in the center of the gym. Behind each of them was a step stool; in front was a kiddie pool containing a number of cups filled with slime. 

One by one, the top ticket-sellers in each grade came up, drew one of the two names out of a hat, took their cup of slime and dumped it on either their principal or the priest. Good sports until the end, Paveglio and Slaikeu high fived students and posed for pictures after the event, careful not to slip on the slimy floor.

“I thought it was going to be just one of those cups, poured on my head once,” joked Paveglio. “I was caught very unaware ... and it was cold!”

“It’s not like an 85-degree pool or anything, that slime,” confirmed Slaikeu. “This ain’t no spa!”

All jokes aside, both Paveglio and Slaikeu emphasized how proud they were of Saint Rose’s students and families for participating in the raffle and how much fun they had had at the event, cold slime and all.


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