South-West Review police reports published May 6th, 2019

Inver Grove Heights

Damage to property

Officers responded April 24 to the 7400 block of Dickman Trail for a call regarding damage to property. A 23-year-old man was arrested and taken to jail.



On April 25, an officer pulled a vehicle over near the intersection of Babcock Trail and 55th Street. A 27-year-old man was addressed for second-degree DWI.


That’s odd

Officers responded to the 8800 block of Broderick Boulevard April 25 after a backpack of miscellaneous items was found — all items were disposed of properly.


Not a threat

Police were called to the 8800 block of Broderick Boulevard again on April 26 for a suspicious package. The St. Paul bomb squad was contacted, and the package was deemed safe.


Watch your fire

On April 25, a man in the 1200 block of 70th Street West had an open burn without a permit. The next day, the embers from the burn caused a fire that burned multiple acres just south of his residence. 


Hit and run

Officers were dispatched to a hit-and-run accident in the 5800 block of Cahill Avenue April 26. A 55-year-old woman was cited for leaving the scene of an accident. 


He’s got a knife

A call came in April 27 from the 3100 block of 65th Street for a man with a knife — a 57-year-old man was transported to the hospital and cited.


That’s my car

A woman called police April 28 from the Outback Steakhouse parking lot after finding another woman sitting in her vehicle trying to start it. The caller said the woman was acting strange and stole her handicap parking placard.


Run away

Officers assisted West St. Paul police April 30 with a vehicle that fled from the intersection of 80th Street and Barnes Avenue.


Mendota Heights


An officer conducted a traffic stop April 19 for speed violation on Highway 62 and Dodd Road. When speaking with the driver, the officer could smell alcohol and performed a field sobriety test. The driver blew over the legal limit and was arrested, but when transported to the department for further testing, the driver’s blood alcohol content was under the legal limit — the driver was released from custody.


Get a ride

While on routine patrol April 19 in the 900 block of Mendota Heights Road, an officer saw a vehicle parked and the driver was sleeping. The driver told the officer he had used some drugs. The driver’s parents were contacted and they gave him a ride home.


Double whammy

On April 20, an officer on Interstate 35E near Highway 62 saw a vehicle swerve over a lane line. The driver, who was also under 21, admitted to drinking when stopped. The driver blew a .08 but alcohol was present, so they were cited for a permit violation and underage drinking and driving.


Raining golf balls

A motorist reported April 21 that their windshield was struck by a golf ball while traveling eastbound on Highway 62 between Interstate 35E and Dodd Road the day before.


Two for the stop of one

Officers performed a traffic stop on a vehicle near the intersection on Wentworth Avenue and Dodd Road April 23. A search of the vehicle revealed drugs and paraphernalia. A man and woman were arrested, and during an interview, it was found prostitution had been taking place as well. Both parties were charged with possession of narcotics, and the man was charged with solicitation of prostitution.



On April 24, police received a call from the 500 block of Hiawatha Avenue from a man who reported that a neighbor told him a FedEx vehicle had struck his basketball hoop two weeks earlier.


South St. Paul

Identity theft

A man who lives in Texas called police April 20 to report he had been alerted his name was used to apply for a loan with a South St. Paul business. The man told police he was notified that his personal information had been used in other states as well.


Rude neighbor

On April 25, a woman said she heard an object strike the north side of her residence in the 500 block of 16th Avenue. When she checked outside, she found a hole in the ground near a side window. She told police she saw her neighbor wandering around in the yard and asked if they had caused it, but the neighbor denied having anything to do with it. Upon arrival, an officer also asked the neighbor about the incident, but they again denied causing the damage.


Please leave

A report came in April 26 from the 300 block of Grand Avenue about an assault. The two men involved gave similar stories. The pair were friends who were drinking heavily and when one asked the other to leave, he refused and that is when they hit each other in the face. Because the fight was mutual, the pair wished no further action but were advised to stay away from each other.



On April 29, a man reported that someone had spray-painted a message board on the front side of a church on Douglas Street. 


She’s got a knife

A call came April 29 from the 300 block of Grand Avenue about a woman with a knife. Police were told by witnesses that a woman with a knife had run into the woods, which is where police found her hiding behind a tree. They told the woman to stop after she ran away, which she did. The woman threw the knife down and took off running again but was detained. Police spoke with two kids who said the woman pulled a knife on one of them to attempt to steal his bicycle. The woman admitted to taking the knife out to try to get the bicycle as well as using methamphetamine that morning — officers found a pipe on her at the time of her arrest.


Too much Xbox

Police responded to a verbal domestic between a boyfriend and girlfriend April 29. The man said his girlfriend broke his phone over a disagreement about Xbox usage. The man agreed to leave for the night.



A vehicle was seen leaving the area of an alleged known drug house April 30. It was stopped in the area of Interstate 494 and Hardman Avenue for failing to signal a lane change and failure to signal a turn within 100 feet. The driver had a revoked license and was unable to provide insurance. The vehicle was towed due to a lack of license, lack of insurance and being illegally parked. 


 West St. Paul

Deal with the manager

On April 24, a pizza shop employee called police after dealing with problematic customers. She said the two men wanted a refund and she didn’t know how, so she hung up on them. The men showed up and were unhappy with their order. They wanted the district manager’s information, which was given to them.


Well that’s odd

Four people were working on a vehicle in the street in the 1000 block of Humboldt Avenue April 24, something the caller thought was odd because she hadn’t seen them before. The group wasn’t making a disturbance, but she thought it was odd and that they shouldn’t be fixing cars in the street.



A woman called police April 24 from the area of Cherokee Avenue and Annapolis Street because of concerns about vehicles speeding in the area. She said more people were using Cherokee Avenue because of road construction, and she was worried about speeding because there are a lot of children in the area.


A game of P.I.G

On April 24, an anonymous call came in from the 1000 block of Gorman Avenue about three cars near a basketball court with loud music playing. When the officer arrived, there was no music from any of the vehicles and the group had just finished a game — the officer challenged their best player to a game of P.I.G. The game went back and forth, but the officer won. The report mentioned that the officer talked with the group about noise ordinances while playing the game.


Robbed at gunpoint 

A woman called police April 25 after being robbed at gunpoint at a store in the 1400 block of Robert Street. She told police a man got away with money from a safe after breaking into store, grabbing her by the neck and putting a gun in her ribs.


Keep going

Someone was yelling into a loudspeaker April 27 in the 800 block of Smith Avenue. It turned out that there had been a comedy night at a business on the street and someone wanted to keep it going outside. A bartender shut it down.


Every day

The manager of a business in the 1000 block of Robert Street called police April 27 because a man, who allegedly stole from the store every day, stole again that day. The manager said he has been trying to get the man arrested for five years.


That’s no dog

A coyote was sleeping in a backyard on Oakview Road April 27. Police advised the caller to contact the city if the animal continued to stick around in the area or became dangerous.


I know where you live

A man called police April 28 after finding a note on his vehicle, which was parked in the 1000 block of Charlton Street. The note read “I know where you live, when you’re ready to pay.” The man was not aware of anyone he owed money to or who would have left the note.


Too many cars

On April 29, police received a call from about a bunch of vehicles blocking the road in the 2000 block of Delaware Avenue. An officer checked it out and found vehicles were obstructing the roadway. The owner of the house where the problem was occurring was informed of the issue and she said she would get it taken care of.



A customer of a business on Thomson Avenue reported April 29 that he was missing $220 and believed housekeeping took it. Management was handling the situation internally and didn’t want the police involved until they had finished their internal investigation


Not dealing with it

Police received a call April 29 about a road rage incident where a woman followed a man after he passed her near Home Depot. The man told police he went around someone in the parking lot of the business and the woman got upset, started yelling and followed him. While speaking with police, the man started swearing and making anti-religious statements about the woman, to which the officer responded he would not listen to. The man said he didn’t care and wanted “those people” out of his neighborhood — the officer hung up. The woman called police and said she did follow him to his residence after he flipped her off and startled her — she said she shouldn’t have followed him.


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