South-West Review police reports published May 27th, 2019

Inver Grove Heights

Help please

Officers from Inver Grove Heights helped South St. Paul with a weapons call near the 1000 block of Eighth Avenue in South St. Paul on May 14.


Multiple charges

On May 15 officers conducted a warrant check near the 5400 block of Robert Trail, and a 38-year-old woman was arrested on an outstanding warrant and felony drug charges.



Someone broke into a storage unit in the 6300 block of Concord Street and Dale Place sometime between November 2018 and March 21 and stole some items.


What’s in a name

On March 27, a vehicle was purchased using the identity of a person in Missouri. The person who purchased the vehicle has the exact same name as the original complainant in Missouri and the loan on the vehicle was current — it appeared no crime was committed.


Warrant arrest

A 26-year-old man was arrested on a warrant after officers were dispatched for a medical call on May 16 at the intersection of 75th Street and Concord Boulevard.


On May 20, a man was arrested or an outstanding warrant after a traffic stop in the 7500 block of Cahill Avenue.


Found car

Officers found a suspicious vehicle in the 7800 block of Amana Trail May 17, which turned out to be stolen.


Not yours

A theft report was made May 17 in the 1300 block of Mendota Road and a 72-year-old man was charged for theft.



A vehicle was stopped May 17 at the intersection of Concord Street and Grand Avenue after someone called to report the driver from the 6600 block of River Road. A man was arrested for DWI as a result.


On May 18, officers responded to a domestic assault and a 40-year-old man was arrested as a result.


Run away

There was a two-vehicle crash May 21 at the intersection of Babcock Trail and County Road 14. The driver of one of the vehicles fled on foot. The suspect’s vehicle was towed and held until further investigation could be conducted.


Mendota Heights

Reports were unavailable this week.


South St. Paul

Smash and grabs

On May 17, a business owner called police to report that sometime overnight a window was smashed on a company pick-up truck parked on Hardman Avenue and four power tools were stolen. A storage shed had also been messed with.


A woman called police May 18 to report her vehicle, which was parked in the 1500 block of Fourth Street, had a window smashed overnight. A suitcase she had inside the vehicle was outside the vehicle, but there was nothing of importance in it. In this case, there was a shoe print on a piece of property that had been in the suitcase, which police added to the case file.


Another report of a smashed vehicle window came in May 18 from the 400 block of Seventh Avenue. Nothing appeared to be missing. 


Not welcome

An officer was dispatched May 18 to the 500 block of 10th Avenue on a report of a disorderly man who refused to leave. Other officers had spoken with the same man earlier that morning and he appeared to be under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. The man claimed he knew the homeowner, but the homeowner did not want him there. Later that same day, officers were called back to the residence because the man had returned, kicked in the garage door and started a motorcycle that was parked inside in an attempt to take it. The man was located and arrested. He told officers he had permission to be in there and claimed to be the owner of the motorcycle. The man did not have permission to be there or take the bike.


Stolen vehicle

On May 18, an officer was dispatched to the 400 block of Fourth Avenue on a report of a stolen vehicle. The man told the officer the driver’s side door lock did not work and he believed someone entered the vehicle overnight and stole it.


Brotherly love

A man pulled a knife and threatened to kill his brother May 18 on Fifth Avenue. The brother who called told police that his brother had been living with him after being arrested for assaulting their father. During an altercation that day, he grabbed a knife and said he was going to kill him. The man wielding the knife was arrested.



Officers responded to Lewis Court May 21 on a call of a suspicious vehicle, which had been parked there for three days — the area is an alleged hot spot for drug activity, based on past incidents. An officer made contact with a lone occupant in the vehicle. The man ended up telling police he used meth the night before but had none in the truck. Officers searched the vehicle and found drug paraphernalia, which the man was cited for it.


Wait a minute

A man was found sleeping in a garage on Third Avenue May 19 who was unwanted by the owner. Police recognized the man from past encounters and he was detained while they figured out if he was supposed to be there. They spoke with the woman who called who said she went into the garage shortly before officers arrived and found the man sleeping. She asked her son if he knew the man, which he didn’t. The man was arrested. It turned out the man was a brother to the man from the “Not welcome” incident.


West St. Paul


A woman called police May 15 from Salem Church Road after a deer wouldn’t leave and attacked her dog. The caller thought there was something wrong with the deer. The deer moved away when an officer approached it.


The Internet said

On May 15, a call came in from a woman who said she hired a man to do some work on her house, but when she and her neighbor looked him up online, they found he was on a watch list by the FBI and CIA. The woman told police she believed the man who was doing work on her house was on the FBI Most Wanted List for being a con artist. The officer she spoke with was unable to find anything with the name provided but gave the woman the number for the Minneapolis FBI office.   


Keyed car

A man believed his car was keyed while parked at the YMCA on May 16. Estimates for repairs came in between $2,000 and $2,500.


Not assault

On May 17, a man wanted to report an assault on a disabled person. The caller wanted to report assault because he said federal agents with guns had knocked on his door. The officer the man spoke with said that wasn’t assault. The caller added that the agents had touched his phone and that he was a business owner and considered the intrusion an assault on his business. The officer again told him none of those incidents were assault. The man was not satisfied with the officer’s answers and said he would be calling the department to file a complaint.


A wild night

On May 17, there were several calls from a business in the 1600 block of Robert Street. The first involved two kids who hid cosmetic items and exited the store — both were warned and released to their mother. The second call involved a woman who concealed fake eyelashes in her purse and exited the store without paying for them; she was given a warning. The third call regarded a man who concealed Sharpie pens and 3M hooks in his sweatshirt and exited the store. He was also warned. The final call came from a customer who reported a man outside the store touching himself, but employees didn’t see anyone and the man was not found by police.



A man called police May 17 to report being given a check to cash but when he tried, there was no money. He told police he sold a vehicle to a man earlier in the day in St. Paul. When he went to cash the check, he was told there were insufficient funds. Police spoke with the bank who said they couldn’t cash it, and the man was advised to make a report of theft by swindle with the St. Paul Police Department.


Prank call

On May 18, a man told police he got a call from someone that there was a bomb at his residence on Edith Drive. The man didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, but the caller told him he was going to blow up his entire village. Police advised the man it was probably a prank call.


Can’t stop him

A loss prevention employee for a business in the 1700 block of Robert Street called police May 19 to report a man using a pair of scissors to attempt to open packages. The employee was following him on camera and couldn’t attempt to stop him because of store policy. The man had also stolen the scissors he was using. 


Can’t allow it

On May 19, a call came in from the 1600 block of Robert Street from a man who said he wanted his kids to be allowed to sit at the gym while he worked out. An officer spoke with an employee who said it was against policy to have kids unattended who did not have a membership. The employees said the man became upset and rude — his membership was deactivated and he was told to leave.



Someone called police because they could hear loud arguing, slapping and bumping from a residence May 19. Police made contact with the couple who were … enjoying each other’s company.


Not again

It appeared someone tried to break into a garage in the 1900 block of Livingston Avenue May 20. The owner told police the garage had been broken into in the past and noticed new markings on the doorframe and trailer padlock. The would-be burglar was unsuccessful in gaining entrance.


That’s a long ride

A woman told police May 20 that someone used her credit card information to make various transactions with Lyft out in California. The woman made a fraud report with her bank and cancelled her debit card.



Someone on Annapolis Street kept throwing dirty diapers over the fence into a neighbor’s yard. An officer spoke with the caller May 20 who said three dirty diapers were tossed onto their property. The officer spoke with a teen who answered the door of at the alleged throwing house who said she would pass the information along to everyone at the residence.


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