Heavy equipment breaks through ice while dredging Maplewood pond

A skid loader, which was being used to dredge Wicklanders Pond near the Maplewood Community Center, broke through the ice and sunk front-first into the muck on Monday afternoon, Jan. 20. The project crew chained two other vehicles to the excavating machine to yank it out later that day, according to city staff, and the engine wasn't damaged. (Kaitlyn Roby/Review)

A skid loader broke through the ice and sunk halfway into the muck being dredged from a pond near the Maplewood Community Center on Monday afternoon, Jan. 20.
A tow truck that idled on Van Dyke Street for a while wasn't what pulled it out. Instead, the project crew chained two mini backhoes to the heavy machinery and yanked it from slush-covered Wicklanders Pond, according to Michael Thompson, the Maplewood public works director.


New Maplewood mayor, council members sworn in

Nora Slawik is sworn in as mayor of Maplewood by city clerk Karen Guilfoile Jan. 6 at the Maplewood Community Center.

When Will Rossbach became Maplewood’s mayor four years ago, he asked for a new gavel - “a fresh start” -- to use during city council meetings, marking the opening and closing of each one.
In his first minutes as the former mayor on Jan. 6, Rossbach handed the same gavel as well as his key to the city to Mayor Nora Slawik, who took the oath of office moments earlier during the swearing-in ceremony at the Maplewood Community Center.  But the wooden hammer was a little different -- Rossbach had three pink stripes painted on it, signifying the new, but not the first, female majority on the Maplewood City Council.


Maplewood steps up parking bans

After recent snowfalls, Maplewood Public Works and Police Departments will coordinate to step up enforcement and removal efforts when snowfall levels require city snow plows to be deployed.
Maplewood city code prohibits overnight parking on any city street between the hours of 2 and 6 a.m., and when plowing is required Maplewood Police will tow illegally parked vehicles in addition to the traditional response of ticketing.


Maplewood to roll out recycling carts

Maplewood will soon replace recycling bins with carts, costing the city $2.50 per month per household. The recycling rate for residents is already set at $2.94 per month.

Maplewood will soon roll out recycling carts, allowing residents to bring more recyclables to the curb -- and cover them with a lid.
The carts will replace all residents' topless bins by about March, tentatively, according to city staff.
The Maplewood City Council in December voted 4-1 to replace the basic bins, which have cost the city $1.75 per month per household. The new contract costs the city $2.50 per month per household the first two years, and $2.75 in 2016 and 2017.


Maplewood keeps property tax levy steady

Legislative changes helped Maplewood hold down its tax levy for 2014, meaning most property owners will pay slightly less in city taxes next year.
The Maplewood City Council on Dec. 9 unanimously approved the budget with no increase in the 2014 property tax levy, down from the 2 percent jump planned in the preliminary levy set in September.


Maplewood Police work with businesses on crime suppression

As a way of proactively working to reduce calls for service, assist in the reduction of theft-related loss to individuals and businesses, and to increase a sense of community safety, the Maplewood Police Department will launch its 2013 Holiday Crime Suppression Effort.


With one lead, Maplewood police still trying to identify burglary suspect

The Maplewood Police Department is still trying to identify a burglary suspect shown in surveillance footage prying a safe off a countertop at a senior-living facility in early November.
Police released videos of the incident recently, asking for the public's help in identifying a man who stole a safe full of keys for room doors and storage cabinets at The Homestead at Maplewood, 1890 Sherren Ave., around 2 a.m. Nov. 7.
Upon seeing the released footage, police received a notice from the Edina Police Department that a safe was recovered that might have been the one taken from Homestead, according to Maplewood Deputy Chief Dave Kvam.


Maplewood police may drop D.A.R.E.

Maplewood may totally cut its more than 20-year-old D.A.R.E. program.
The Maplewood Police Department presented a potential replacement that would continue to build relationships between cops and students to the Maplewood City Council on Nov. 25.


Maplewood police hopes public can identify burglary suspect

The Maplewood Police Department is asking for the public’s help identifying a burglary suspect shown in a video prying a safe off a counter top at a senior-living facility in early November.
The male suspect stole a safe that contained various keys for room doors and storage cabinets at The Homestead at Maplewood, 1890 Sherren Ave., around 2 a.m. on Nov. 7.


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