PROGRESS 2014: Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping

Co-owners Kerrie Robbins and Cindi Nikituk opened Minnesota’s largest Farrell’s franchise in September of 2013, and will open a second location in Stillwater in July.

Men and women of all fitness levels see results from working out at Farrell’s.

Program participants partner up during class for bag work.

With Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping  you can ‘Live Life At Level 10’™

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping
Hwy. 96 & Lexington Ave.
Shoreview, MN

Tired of the same old gym routine day after day, wondering why you never see results?

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping is your answer.

Co-owners Kerrie Robbins and Cindi Nikituk opened the country’s 50th Farrell’s franchise last September in Shoreview. The results-based Farrell’s fitness program initially started in Iowa, but is quickly picking up steam in other states around the Midwest.

Cindi, a registered nurse, and Kerrie, who has a business background, met at the Farrell’s in Blaine and loved the program so much they became Farrell’s instructors.

Both moms themselves, the pair says they know what it’s like struggling to shed a few extra pounds of baby weight, and eventually decided opened their own franchise together. Now, the Shoreview location is the largest Farrell’s in Minnesota.

“We’re in it because we like to see changes in people,” says Cindi. “We know what it takes.”

The 10-week program for men and women combines kickboxing and strength training at high intensity intervals with high-energy music that keeps participants moving. The workouts blast away pounds and dramatically improve fitness levels. Form is emphasized so no one gets injured, Cindi adds, and the workouts are never boring.

“We never have the same class twice,” Cindi explains. “We like to offer a really well-rounded program.”

A baseline assessment at the beginning of the program gauges participants’ fitness levels, body weight, body fat and body measurements. And at the end of each session, Farrell’s throws a big party for participants where a $1,000 prize is awarded to one man and one woman for “best fitness transformation.”

But the results don’t stop after 10 weeks. Participants can become “Fit Members” after they complete the program, paying a monthly rate to maintain and improve on their achievements.

In addition to the 6-days-a-week, 45-minute classes, the program emphasizes nutrition so participants see maximum results. Instructors offer nutritional guidance but don’t pin people down to prescribed diets.

“We encourage healthy lifestyle changes,” says Kerrie. “Fit is a journey, not a destination.”

People of all fitness levels are welcome - whether you run marathons or can’t even do a push-up.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re in shape or not,” Kerrie says, adding that people are punching and kicking bags; there is never any “sparring” between partners.

Cindi and Kerrie say they also plan to offer a “Fit Start” program for people who have over 100 pounds to lose or who would like modified classes. And though weight loss and toning are major benefits of the program, the best part about working out at Farrell’s is the health benefits people discover — from being able to go off high blood pressure medication to finding out they’re no longer at risk for diabetes.

Cindi and Kerrie say they encourage participants to sign up with a friend to promote accountability, but even participants who join alone will undoubtedly find extra motivation when matched up with a partner. And though drop-in classes aren’t available, anyone interested in trying the Farrell’s program can attend a “Kick Start class” between sessions to try it for free and decide if it’s right for them.

The next 10-week session starts April 12, and the Shoreview Farrell’s will also offer a teen program for kids in grade 5 through 12 this summer. Some teens already come with their parents to work out, Cindi explains, and children ages 11 and older can generally complete the program. Also, Farrell’s offers kids’ birthday party rentals that are sure to tire them out.

And talk about convenient. The gym has showers, locker rooms, and even an area where kids can sit to do their homework that’s visible from the floor. Online registration is also available.

Cindi and Kerrie say the success of their franchise can largely be attributed to the community of Shoreview, with its emphasis on healthy living. The pair say they want to return the support they’ve received from the community, and have participated in “National Wear Red Day” and “Knock Out Breast Cancer” events, and raised money for the local food shelf.

“It’s really all about the community,” Kerrie adds.


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