PROGRESS 2014: Stonewood Spa Boutique and Apothecary

From the moment you step in the door, Stonewood Spa offers a relaxing, quiet place where you can be pampered in peace.

Take a seat, throw on a pair of headphones and melt into the big, comfy chairs in Stonewood Spa’s private pedicure room. Right, Stonewood Spa has that exact color you’re looking for —and without the bad stuff. All their nail polishes are vegan-friendly and free of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde.

Pamper yourself at Stonewood Spa Boutique and Apothecary

Stonewood Spa
889 Village Center Drive
North Oaks, MN 55127

If you’ve ever looked for a quiet, stress-free place where you can indulge your senses with natural, healthy products, consider your search over! Stonewood Spa in North Oaks is ready to help you relax with a plethora of all-natural services and products.

The brand-new spa opened its doors in December, and already clients are raving about its facials, manicures, pedicures, hair removal, custom spray tanning, acupuncture and other top-notch services.

Owner Andrea Jimenez and her husband Edgar have lived in the area for more than 10 years, and she herself wished she could find the perfect place to pamper herself.

“It’s frustrating to drive all over town to find a place,” Jimenez says. “What I did was take a look at what I like in a spa and put those ideas in here at Stonewood.”

Because the spa doesn’t do hair services, you won’t hear the roar of blow dryers or breathe in harsh chemicals while you’re getting a facial.

“Here, it’s quiet, everyone’s getting pampered and it’s cozy,” Jimenez says. “When I walk in here I feel like I can just relax.”

The modern, elegant spa includes a private manicure room and private pedicure room, as well as separate rooms for acupuncture and spray tanning.

A state-licensed acupuncturist is on-site to consult with clients and help relieve a number of different ailments, including stress, headaches and circulation problems.

For those looking to add a little glow to their skin over the winter season, Stonewood’s specialists can help customize a spray tan to have you looking your best.

“After a custom spray tan session, people look like they’ve just gone to the beach,” Jimenez says. “Everyone who’s done it looks awesome.”

The solution used to apply a tan is made from a non-toxic organic sugar base, she added.

The spa also boasts a strong commitment to hygiene, utilizing a medical-grade sterilizer that cleans everything that isn’t disposable.

“You’re not going to find that at many, or probably any, other spas,” Jimenez says. “Anything that’s not single-use or disposable goes through the sterilizer.”

At the front of the store, you’ll find a variety of natural and organic products for sale that don’t use fillers like sulfates or parabens, Jimenez says.

“When I started looking into products for the spa, I was shocked by what goes into over-the-counter products. There’s such a small amount of active ingredients in it —the rest is just filler,” she said. “Our products are made from all active ingredients. There aren’t any fillers.”

The products available at the boutique include luxurious lotions, creams, serums and oils that come in delicious herbal and sweet scents.

Stonewood Spa caters to “anyone and everyone,” Jimenez says, and is a great place to go for a number of celebrations and events like bridal parties, couples celebrating anniversaries, girls’ nights out, teen birthday parties, or just because!


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