Letter: Protect Lake Elmo and keep it from becoming Woodbury

To the editor:

I watched the Lake Elmo candidate forums and one answer should really resonate with us all. When the candidates were asked their vision of where Lake Elmo would be in five years, Julie Fliflet summed it up perfectly. Her answer: “that will be determined by this election.” I support Julie Fliflet for mayor and Ben Roth and Brett Emmons for city council.

 All three candidates have stated we can and should set higher standards, and we don’t need to develop like every other suburb. We need candidates who believe that creativity and quality are important in how we develop, candidates who support well-planned, thoughtful, strategic and slow growth.  

We need a mayor and council members who are vested in Lake Elmo, and who don’t let developers determine our future. Once the development goes in, there is no taking it back. These are permanent decisions that change our community. This election is critical to preserving Lake Elmo’s rural character and open space. Support for Julie Fliflet for mayor and Ben Roth and Brett Emmons for city council will help ensure we are not Woodbury in five years.


Pam Morreale

Lake Elmo




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