Letter: Residents talked, legislators listened

To the editor:


Citizens who attended the Town Hall meetings at Century College and Maplewood City Hall on Saturday, Jan. 21, discussed a wide variety of issues including health care, water conservation, roads and bridges, public transit, REAL ID, Social Security taxes, bonding projects and higher education programs. Legislators kept their remarks short and the people talked! 

The Legislature is in session and now is the time to have your voice heard. Feel free to contact us. We are honored to represent you.


Sen. Chuck Wiger, sen.chuck.wiger@senate.mn

Sen. Susan Kent, sen.susan.kent@senate.mn

Rep. Leon Lillie, rep.leon.lillie@house.mn

Rep. Peter Fischer, rep. peter.fischer@house.mn

Rep. JoAnn Ward, rep.joann.ward@house.mn


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