Letter: Xcel Energy changing their philosophy

To the editor:


My first encounter with Xcel Energy was about five years ago. The contractor and I discussed the issue of taking about 20 to 30 of our maple trees. The contractor proceeded to cut them down. I had the feeling that Xcel Energy did not care what we thought.

This year we thought we would have about 50 of our pine trees cut down. We will only have eight cut down. I am wondering if Xcel Energy has taken on a different viewpoint. We raised these pines from seedlings and they have become a part of our landscape.

I realize that Xcel Energy has an easement on our property, but I do think Xcel Energy must realize the approach they took five years ago does not make for a customer friendly monopoly. I am hoping they will change their policies to be more compassionate to the property owners.

We have been told by the manager of this project that we won’t be bothered anymore by Xcel Energy, as they have accomplished what they wanted done. I do hope the policies do change in the next five years.


Virginia Pleban

Lake Elmo

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